Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deep into the madding crowd

This happened at the Ernakulam South railway station.I had gone to pickup my parents who were returning from the native place by train.I reached 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

I was simply enjoying the nice weather and standing at the front of the station,some distance away from the entrance.
Then I noticed some recognizable face in the crowd that was was Sony senior in college who has joined Yahoo! at Bangalore.I wondered why he was there,but I couldn't meet him as he quickly disappeared into the crowd.I was thinking of that,when I saw two more seniors whom I knew closely,walk into the crowd,carrying luggage.

Now I was really intrigued on what was happening.Then came the announcement from the station :"Train number xx334y going from XXYYY-Bangalore is on platform number 1"!Now I understood why all of them were present there.I was thinking how funny it might be if more ex-MECians turned up ,just to go to Bangalore.
That's exactly when I saw more and more faces...I counted upto 20-30 ex-MECians coming in from various directions and modes of transport..all running for the same the same destination...Bengalaru...

All this time,I was standing there,watching all these seniors pass by...I was struck by the idea of an entire batch of a college working at the same place...and in many cases,the same company...some knew the existence of others....some unfortunately didn't.
As my final year in College is starting up,I wonder what I might be doing next year...maybe running like this into the madding crowd...


  1. Bengalaru is the most preferred destination for ppl aspiring for jobs in IT companies. lot of my seniors from my college working there too. at this rate after some years there will be more IT professionals there than the people actually living there :)