Thursday, July 03, 2008

Experiments continue

I am testing a few new styles in blogging from my part.It seems I can't create content that I see in many blogs even if I frame it in my mind.So,beta testing (even alpha) of stuff might be seen here.Its the same strategy that google uses.
In order to map my chaotic mind more deeply to the readers I am planning to mark thoughts in italics.That's just one of it.Why map your chaotic mind..want to hurt people or yourself?Hehe,the site is nothing but an experiment,contains nothing that might be done with a proper goal or aim for me,but just a virtual place for another set of experiments.

The topic I intend to talk about here is the distinction between martial arts as a method of defense and a form of art.Most of the readers might be aware of the flashy martial arts moves that almost every movie now sports.There are also those exotic ones that you see in the movies of local origin(East Asia mainly).Though it might be breathtaking or even cheesy,the stunts they put up deserve no more credit than a piece of orchestrated ballet.
It is meant only for amusement,and never is it advisable to try those moves in real-life battles.It would only end up in an 'uncomfortable' situation.As expert martial artists point out,the flashy kicks and blocks performed in the movies(forget the bigger stunts) would,in real life provide advantage to your opponent to beat you up.

For martial arts,there are a huge variety of forms and techniques.Most of the self-defense based moves that are taught in many schools around the world are meant for quick blocks and instant disarming.These are like crash courses that are taught to allow a person to defend himself or a group from one or more assailants(armed or unarmed) of any age or size.I must emphasize the word 'defense' as usually in the worst case,it just gives you a minute or two to escape.Most of the people expect martial artists to beat up goons or even their rivals on the fly.

Not only do most of the martial arts schools(common ones) emphasize the point that these arts are 'strictly for self-defense',but also the moves taught are seldom offensive.Kids who imagine but never actually train in martial arts end up taking risks,leading to serious injuries at times.

Though this is the case,experts also say that martial arts is not just about fighting or defending.It has an artistic style to it and also quite a lot of philosophical part.But they say,its best left to the experts to choose.

What is the point of entire post?I am just sharing a thought.Adios

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