Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being at ease with Self

Certain things turn out the way we expect, and wish, while some turn out to be what we didn't expect,but wished. It can also turn out to be something we expected, but didn't wish.That is bad. But worse is when things turn out as unexpected, and in an undesirable fashion.

Leaving the combinations out, it is always good when good things happen when we don't expect and bad things happen when are ready for it.

I tend to curse and fume when bad things happen out of the blue. I also do it sometimes when it occurs expectedly, but I just wasn't prepared enough.

But being able to cope up to bad things, and get the positive thoughts flowing asap is absolutely paramount in clearing hurdles. I believe I have been learning that lesson from past 2-3 years now. So far so good.

Also, the ability of a person to be humble and benevolent even at good times solidifies his/her position as a level-headed person.

Too much emotional fluctuation is bad for the mind and the body as well. It takes a toll on the nerves, and infuses weakness.Having said that, I don't prefer to be stoic in nature or being insensitive. Each person has their own peculiar behavioural traits and character. Accordingly, some levels of enthusiasm, emotional fluctuation, poise etc match very well. Most part of a youth's life is spent in finding that matching set of characteristics.

If you settled for the wrong ones, you will find yourself in doubt and concern , even very late into the 30s, which can be troublesome or fun( depending on perception ). I have seen some 40+ people who are not so sure about certain basic things about themselves.

Being at ease with the world is one thing, but being at ease with oneself is a bigger matter.

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  1. Looks like somebody has been fuming a lot lately... :)