Saturday, January 15, 2011


As a developer I am not generous to bugs and I try my best to clear or hide bugs.

But there are a few bugs which are different and have various meanings in life.

Shutterbug - "a photography enthusiast"
I am one. I love clicking the random faces, scenes, animals and stuff that have no nouns in many languages. Though I am not so good at the art of creative photography, I am on my way. My new Canon Powershot SX130IS is meant to help in that.

Travelbug - "The urge to travel"
Once in a while I get bitten by this. Then there is no stopping me. I get restless and claustrophobic. Be it a long planned journey, or a short unplanned one, I will move out. Sometimes a stroll around the locality can cure this condition. Also, the shutterbug syndrome get amplified when bitten by this bug.

Humbug - "A hoax, prank or jest"
One of my favourite usages, taken from Mr.Scrooge of 'A Christmas Carol' fame. I use it against people who pester me with silly trivia and tasks.

Bedbug - "bug of temperate regions that infests especially beds and feeds on human blood"
Hadn't seen or experienced the impact of one until I came to Mysore. The very first night, I received the payment in full. Thanks to the shanty-like room we got.

Then there are 'Bugger','Bugs Bunny' and so on, which are less significant.

Oh and by the way, the reason why errors in software or codes are called Bugs has a history. Check out this.

That's all folks.

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