Monday, January 10, 2011

Someone Killed Jessica

Just finished watching the movie 'No One Killed Jessica'. I didn't go to the theatre to watch it. I just downloaded a pirated copy and finished watching it in 2 days.

After seeing lots of praises and high ratings by my friends in various social networking tools, and directly been informed so by some of them, I decided that this will be the first Hindi movie I will watch this year.

And so, moving on to the verdict.

I, as a person was quite unaware about the details of the Jessica Lal murder case,until I watched this movie. So, it was informative in a way.

But what entertained me the most in the movie was Vidya Balan's role. She was not acting, but living the role of Sabrina, the sister of Jessica. My respect for this actress has gone up several rungs.

Another contributing factor to the movie's astounding effect, is of course the brutally true story behind it. I don't know how much of the real story has been shown in the movie and how much in the movie is made up.

On the negative side, some parts were dragging and uncalled for. For example, Rani's role which defines a modern successful woman as someone who uses expletives excessively and takes pride in being called a bitch, was utterly boring. I don't know if this was based on someone in real life, or just something cooked up for the entertainment.

The editing too was quite patchy and disturbing at certain points. That was the main reason why I quit watching the movie half way through it on the first day. But I came back because I had lots of trust in Vidya's character. But she didn't do much in the latter half, and it was Rani all the way, except at the last.

Overall , it is a wonderful movie worth watching for various reasons. Leave out some of the oddities and enjoy the performance of Vidya and lament with the crowd about the sad state of our establishments. If you have conscience, it will make you think and if you have a soft heart, it might even make u shed a few tears.

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