Saturday, January 15, 2011

Differences that should Unite

Ever felt how different your view of things can be with
1) An alien creature
2) a foreigner
3) a person from different geographical location
4) a person who speaks a different language
5) a person of different culture
6) a person of different gender
7) or just another person

I can assure you that in any of the above cases( or in any I might have missed ), you will find lots of differences, which might make you hate or just not make it comfortable in communicating with that being.

Yes, be it the foreigner who breaks all our cultural rules or the person from another place/culture who doesn't understand your ways and tries to explain/defend/impose his/hers. I am sure this happens a lot, especially in India , which has a plethora of cultures,languages, geographical variations and religions.

Leaving the alien creature out, as I personally haven't met one and can't comment on it, we human beings, who are supposed to be of the same species have more differences than similarities to consider when two people meet.

But are we really so different from each other that, at a time of emergency, we find ourselves helping only those whom we recognize as being from our own 'neighbourhood'( range of which depends upon the individual's generosity) ? Hell, I don't think so. Deep within, we are all similar in many ways which remain unknown to around 80% of us. OK, I am not talking about the physical similarities here. Only the thoughts, fears, reactions and general attitude is considered.

Ahem..I think I am drifting from the point.Lets zoom in to India.

We have lots of cultures, languages, festivals, Gods and Goddesses , and what not. For a person from outside, we are India. But for someone within, it is just a collective name taught in school , and used to address either the central government or something in which all of India is represented( sports, world politics, war,business etc ).

Leaving all those hi-fi things out, and considering only the normal things you or me would be doing on day to day basis, how different can you be from your neighbour, or your colleague, even some of your friends? I am sure you will find differences, sometime subtle, sometimes not.
But, we also find lots of common things between us to share and enjoy. After prolonged exposure, you also will start appreciating and understanding the other person's way of life, and maybe take part in making a difference in it too. Now, that is where the feeling of unit will bloom in the hearts of people. But if these differences make you hate the Indian next to you, and you have doubts, and any kind of negative perception owing to their varied culture, the concept of India as a unified nation will cease to exist from that point of time.

Having said that, some things are too diverse to which one is not easily adjusted, like food,religious views,blahblah. But being ignorant and creating unnecessary divisions between regions is strictly against the concept of a unified India. Having done such an act, any thing one speaks of India's solidarity or unity would be nothing but hypocrisy. And, I am sure, if one does not try to wipe out this hypocrisy from within the heart, he/she is truly a traitor to the cherished concept of brotherhood in this nation, unified,yet glowing under the diversity of a hundred nations.

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