Sunday, January 09, 2011

Just a blog

Just wanted to revisit my blog and write a few words. I, sometimes don't feel very enthusiastic about maintaining the blog here with its articles. Now, is such a moment.

But I am holding back the feeling to not touch it at all, and posting something. This blog is not first priority for me amongst my hobbies. I have many other hobbies that keep me alive and juicy.

Perhaps, the biggest and latest one in it, Photography is now at hand due to my latest procurement. So, I tend to forget all else and concentrate on that. I have even stopped putting efforts into some of my other hobbies. So it is all a natural stride. But, don't worry..I do love writing (some times) and I will be back when I feel like doing so.

Till then..bubye..sayanora kameraderie..

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