Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rain - A collaborative poem

The following poem was penned by a group of enthusiastic engineers who were working as Graduate Engineer Trainees in Larsen & Toubro Embedded Systems and Software in 2010(as far as I can recall).

There were nearly 3-4 people involved in preparing this line-by-line over a group chat using the tool Ipmsg, which was a rage until the IT dept banned it..

Presenting to you -- Rain

here comes the rain again..

falling from the stars

drenched in my pain  again...

washing away my fears

quenched be my mental-sprain again

memories flush down the drain

leaving behind just the grain

gazing over the main

waiting for someone

to fill-up the strain

it seems like a never ending chain

we are wandering in the NO-ENTRY lane....

and got rewarded with a cane

for which i had no care

until it started to pain

the pain made me insane

i thought i was inane

i had to but control the game,

so i set out to prove my name

only to end up lame

helped by a dame

i learnt to dream

and to whip the cream

in a world without a frame

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