Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freedom - A collaborative poem

Another crazy collaborative poem by L&T GETs.
Hope someone can make some sense out of it :)

again and again !!!
again again they came

over the hills they came

to conquer us they came

with arms they came

with elephants they came

but we had onething they didn't

and that was courage

which did them in

and we kept our freedom

the freedom to live

to love, to work, to pray

the freedom was lost

the day people slaughtered

and created graves

brothers killed brothers

that wasn't the fate

the fight for land ,

the fight for fame,

were dey lame ?

63yrs passed hence,

still no name

we call it FREEDOM

i call it SHAME

and what a shame

it is when can't share

ones feeling for others

for the fear of the rule

freedom  it is called

i call it fiefdom!

Hail, the mankind

Hail, the name

lets set out to get back

wat we lost , wat we had

it is but just a matter of act

waiting for someone to re-act

why do we wait, wen we can act ?

we keep on complaining

as a matter of fact....

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