Sunday, March 25, 2012

Age of Games

Gaming; a hobby I picked up in my 9th std when a new PC was bought at home.
Edit: Technically speaking the Brick Game was the initiator of the hobby about 3 yrs before PCs came in.

My first one was Age of Empires Demo. To think of it now, demos sound funny. But back then that is all we could muster. I remember the frenzy with which games were collected, shared and played.

Not many had computers in their homes back then, at least I didn't know many who had one and played games too. After all, that was the time kids were becoming serious about the 10th board exams and future life and so on.

But me? I was happily engrossed in learning about the various civilizations, their strengths, weaknesses, failures, battle strategies etc. Also the usual arcade games and adrenaline rushing shooter games were quite popular.

Some genres became my favourite while some games remained in my fav list irrespective of the genre - majorly owing to the nostalgia for the fervor with which they were played.

Age of Empires - Never has the value of this game decayed in my mind. Even today I can sit for hours together in front of this game, just as I used to do in the evenings after school, simultaneously arguing with mother who wanted me to take a bath and get to studies , and my brother who waited his turn. Or sometimes I would be the one fighting for the turn. :)

Yesterday I stumbled upon Age of Empires Online from Microsoft Games Marketplace. It was 27mb download and the time was nearly 1 AM. And it is FREE. Only 2 games are FREE in the marketplace - this and Microsoft Flight. So I thought, why not give it a try. Soon after the quick download, I was ready to check it out, but then the game started patching itself and that consumed nearly a couple of hours. Meanwhile I finished watching the  movie "Johny English Reborn".

At about 3 AM I started the game play. Instead of the game, I was informed that Windows LIVE too was outdated and needs to be reinstalled 'n' restarted. Sham! Finally was into the game by 3.30. Went on till 7 maybe when I saw the sun rays illuminating the room. The exp was different from AOE but quite good. And its gameplay borrows from Warcraft and Civilization(Not Sid Meier's) Just one word of caution though: More than half of the game is split into packs that you have to purchase, making it a sour deal for a free loaders (like me).

More strategy games in download queue as my interest has risen again amongst the fun games. No first person or tactical shooters for me. All hypocritical storylines. Edit: Not all, just quite a lot.

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