Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mysooru-to-Bengaluru: A Tale of Two Cities

I started off my career in the city of Mysore 2 and a half years ago.

Hailing from a growing metro, and used to the certainty of being in the hometown for 10 long years, I was taken aback initially at what I got to experience.

After 2 years and 5 months of life there(an eventful one), I moved to Bangalore as part of a job change.
Let me try to put the vortex of my thoughts about the two cities in order here:-

Mysore was a laid back town. I hated it for the slow buses, irresponsible traffic, lack of modern facilities and early closure of shops. But now the hate has rightfully been replaced with a longing for what was good in that city. No doubt Mysore is a gem of town for living normal lives. But for youngsters hailing from top colleges and towns with exuberant energy and ambitions, the city proved to be a damper.

I have seen lots of friends and colleagues who came with lots of energy and promise, and crashed themselves against the dull wall that Mysore is. These people wish to do many things, but are unable to find the motivation to do them. Well, it is not the problem with the city in itself that people behave in such ways. But then it does form a major part. There are few opportunities to utilize the energy.

 Having said this, I hate many aspects of Bangalore too. It is dusty, crowded, and has no value for ethics or individuals. After all it is an amalgamation of people from all over the world, all worrying only about their own matters. As with all metros, it is bound to be void of human touch, and more of a sea of machines out here to print notes for themselves.
All the things mentioned above doesn't escape the naked eyes. What might is what comes next.

It is not very difficult to get depressed and lazy in a city like Mysore. After all you can always think of at least a dozen things that suck big time.

But do all people behave so?Leave the residents who might not be able to find peace without the atmosphere that Mysore provides. The answer is NO.

People have fought this inertness and lethargy of the town by indulging themselves into things they wished to do. I admit that the town provides few modern facilities, but it ain't so bad in itself. If I want to list what you can do in Mysore to suit your taste, it will be a very big list. So I will skip that part.
Memories may fade but lessons don't
 The point in simple words is- Mysore makes you look into yourselves, discover what you want to do and pursue it with passion. The lack of all the noise makes you focus on things you value individually.

I greatly benefited from the life in Mysore. The solitude, the relative hardships and need for patience, all provide a good platform for focusing on what is good in life.
Running the Mysore Dasara Celebration Marathon

In Mysore, you generate the motivation and create the paths for using your energy, all by yourself. I remember the pull to go out on trips, undertake patient photo shoots, deep researches and long strolls, whenever some free time present itself to me. I am glad to admit I was able to tap into these opportunities quite well.

This city has a certain energy to it; be it the bustling crowds, the cluttered roads or the dusty construction sites.

People everywhere, moving to some destination or other. All having some or the other goals and ambitions. Even in a casual moment for one, hundreds around might be in an urgency or going through the most important moments in their lives.

To think of all these energies, just gives a channel of infinite energy and motivation.

I know lethargic people who started being more energetic after moving to Bangalore. So in spite of all the maddening stuff around, the city does prove to be a morale booster. People have definite targets, goals and are serious about them in this city. Maybe because in a competitive crowd, one can't afford to be complacent. I like to see it as a rat race, but now that I might also a part of it, I start to see how its designs and methods. Frankly I don't fancy the idea of getting caught in a rat race.
Perpetual motion

Everything in Bangalore seems to be coloured with the same shade of competition. A few words for the 'human touch' is required at this point. It might not be fully dead as many believe it to be. If you look for it , you can still see it lingering around you. It is just beliefs of people like you and me that it is dead, which actually makes it even truer. I have had some good experiences with people in this city. And I would credit my life in Mysore to have let me bring about that experience. After all people react in the same way you treat them...

The vortex is part of the vision. My experiences in one city strengthened and prepared me for what lies in store in the other, or rather for many more things ahead.

Time to fuse the learnings of the old with the challenges of the new to create ultimate weapons. If I manage to merge my will power induced motivations learnt in Mysore with the energy of this city, I believe I can propel myself to higher levels of competence and comfort :)

Trust me to never let a stub of thought to pass by without scrutinizing it. Adios amigos..

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