Saturday, March 10, 2012

The day passes on

Another poem composed when a small break presented itself after a season of hectic work..

Sitting with both legs over the pc,
staring at the beautiful wallpaper,
listening to a soothing music track,
Here I am,waiting for snacks time.

All windows minimized,
but still one WINDOWS open,
I sit like this ,
awaiting a timeout.

Work will go on,
but life will not,
time will go on,
but happiness may not.

And now after one full hour,
I am back,
after a sumptuous snack,
peppered with gossip.

Even had a client meeting,
with a lot of staring
and a game of tic-tac-toe;
it was indeed a client call.

So here I sit now,
with both my legs over the desk,
awaiting my supervisor
and his usual questions.

For that I do have answers,
and good ones those are
so good that
even enemies will love me.

Ah so passes the day,
and so are people,
leaving for the day,
hoping for some respite.

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