Monday, July 02, 2012

5 easy steps to instant success and wealth

It is a one way ride
 1. Learn to be a hypocrite
 OK, this is the first step and hence a very easy one. You don't have to sweat much for this one as  everyone is already a hypocrite.
Have this motivational mug at your desk..
 Advantages of this skill is that it allows you to like and support things in public that you hate privately, and really adore things you detest in public. What a way to get the best of both sides of the world..

Taking examples from real life, you can pretend to sympathize with the poor and the destitute while hating them from the bottom of your heart. After all it is because the poor exist, that you are classified as rich, and hence have your wealth under the view of all the evil in the world, including the government..

2. Learn to lie
Now begins the difficult and important steps.

Of course everyone lies a bit now and then. But in order to cash in on the wealth and success out there, you have to take your commitments seriously. No silly giveups or idealistic bullshit allowed. Learn to lie and lie convincingly, coz that is what the world wants to see in a leader, a champion among them, at whom they can look upon for accomplishing what human nature makes difficult to.Throw the biggest lie at their hearts and if pulled off with no one noticing, nothing can stop you from going for the kill.

If you have managed to come this far, you are already a pro, and the next few steps wouldn't be new to you and neither would you find my account powerful enough.

3. Learn to hate what others hate
and not necessarily love what they love.
Be prepared
Oh yeah, now that you are in the premium league of world leaders, you ought to follow the lane and share some of the attitude and scorn that is customary of the position you hold. But then don't let your heart get carried away by the weaker ones in the league. Don't let the poison of love or sympathy pollute your plans and resolve. Many great ones have fallen at this stage, unable to cope with the dynamics of the stage. The more potent the poison you can brew when the opportunity presents itself, the farther you will travel from this stage.

4. Learn to value the 'what' over the 'why' and 'how'
At this stage , you would have lots of new and highly attractive things coming your way. This is not the time to stop and think about the consequences or sources of the pleasures you have. Afterall the others in your league don't hesitate to stock pile on these precious treasures of life. Only idiots would stop to think and waste their chances that occur in trickles. Have more and more valuable 'things'. You might have to pay appropriate prices, either at your or someone else's cost. Ideal if its not yours. That way there is never a loss.
Don't lose focus

5. Learn to be blind and deaf but not dumb
Now, read and understand thoroughly. You are almost there. The position of the unassailable champion of this noble world is quite close. But remember you are not yet there. There would be thousands out there on various stages of the same journey with the same goal in their minds. They would try everything in their power to pull you down. You mustn't even listen to their weakly whimpers, let alone suggestions or advices. Well, if you learn your first two points well, you would be an expert in letting them spill their beans instead of tripping you.

Also be blind to all the weak beings touting ideals and humanity. They are just tricks and witchcraft that can hold some idiots back from experiencing the real power. This is a tricky stage as you have to traverse your way through umpteen pitfalls and traps on your way up, varying your techniques to bring your opponents and differently minded people down to their knees graves.

But take caution not to be dumb! I needn't explain that... and...


  1. I agree with what you have said - liked it more because of the subtle sarcasm.

  2. thank you for dropping by and reading through :)