Sunday, July 08, 2012

My guide to the Bangalore city

when I moved to bangalore, people told me I will struggle to learn the major routes and shortcuts will be impossible to get a good smartphone with GPS in it.

I came here and saw many of my friends use it find new routes with ease. I realized it is a great tool to have with me, but I couldn't choose on a particular phone yet or allocate budget for it.

I had this plan to buy a smartphone for just the GPS for sometime. But in recent times, I actually started going out in bangalore, and to be frank, I never felt a reason to get a GPS.. or to even consult google maps everytime I went to a new locality.

Hell, I even stopped asking my friends for routes.. but I always ended up finding my routes properly with minor deviations and delays..

All this happened because.. I was able to leverage a particular feature of Bangalore city, which actually almost everyone hates. But I found use for it in finding my way through the concrete jungle.

Auto-wallahs!!! By checking the routes and directions with these tricky fellows either parked or in traffic signals and blocks, I keep on synchronizing my route with the one I wish to travel. And I have achieved 95% success rate as of now.

The help also came from shopkeepers and random strangers too :)

I was just wondering about this.. anyway I would still go for a smartphone sometime soon. But I have this one extra advantage that many of my contemporaries lack..the ability to speak in multiple languages that help me out getting the most out of people on the road.. and I am thankful to that for everything.. amen..

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