Sunday, July 15, 2012

a beautiful misty morning

Good morning all ya fellas..

it is a beautiful, misty morning out here and it is windy as hell...

the aroma of toast intermingled with hot tea is in the air.. and I am waiting anxiously for the moment when they feast my eyes and hungry tummy..

ah the newspaper.. nothing beats starting a cold morning with a cup of char and some news.. they go well together... I can't imagine digesting all those news in any other time of the day either. so it should come to me when the mind is swampy and digestive..

well..look at those clouds.. damn beautiful.. makes me wanna take a walk.. I could even take a short trek up the hills and get to the boulder up there.. one of the most impressive locations I ever had an English breakfast..or rather planning to have.. the English knew how to pamper themselves with such small luxuries ..  at least the initial adventurous hard-living ones.. and maybe not the rich lords. that puts the line an Indian must never step into the territory of loving or forgiving the Englishmen.. isn't that right? u shud luv the americans though..they are the dream countrymen.. LOL. wat a screwed up world.. *smirk*

all this is nothing when the sight in front of me is godly.. what English, what jinglish.. any man would surrender to such a beauty..

ah I love breaking a bit of sweat in such a cold country.. the atmosphere gives me a godly aura - so I feel. someone else told me once that I always carry an aura .. sounded a bit of cheesy at that time.. but then who knows :)

well. here I am ...drooping off in my chair.. half in and half out of my deep slumber.. the moments of awake where u can control ur dreams and not know the difference.. today it was an English countryside morning.. ah ..

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