Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics again

hey everyone

it is time for yet another season of Olympics..
a tradition of the world community for many years, this event has been always a prestige matter for all countries involved. Especially so for the host nation.

Considering the symbolic strength of such an event, all nations take it with high priority in their foreign policy as well.

Well for us common men, it is one of the other sport events out there. But well the truth is, it is quite a spectacle if you consider that it brings together stars of most of the sports you like, some that you don't and even some that you didn't even know to exist.
Beijing was a sight to behold
 I haven't seen many olympics events myself. I remember Atlanta, Athens and the last one in Beijing as good ones. But compared to the usual sporting events and given the international limelight plus the pressure of an entire nation upon the shoulders, all these athletes are real heroes. Before you think that your favourite euro football player or a cricketer too is a hero, consider the difference or more precisely the indifference that the athletes undergo, especially Indian ones.

All the best!
 Anyway this time, inspired by many of our stalwarts from the last season, the wind has started flowing in the right direction. We have some good contenders in some events. I feel people are realizing the potentials and rewards of performing at such platforms. In all senses(read as economic,social,diplomatic and cultural). If not considering only cheering for our athletes,  we have a great host of events to watch out for. Lots of amazing athletes who perform unbelievably.

Remember that once upon a time, the athletes were the ones who held the awe of the public. Each and every child wanted to emulate the successful sportsmen. They were driven by the commitment and achievements of these men, and not merely the money and fame that was  attached to it. In recent time, the focus has shifted to the latter, which are mere mockeries.

I came to know that in India, only Doordarshan is going to broadcast this event. That is quite a shame considering the dismal popularity of the channel and the previous record of poor coverage. In case you have a fairly decent internet connection, try using this Youtube link for Olympic coverage. I really wish Indian private channels could somehow procure broadcast rights to such important events as well.. Well, they go only by fat money making chances, which it seems can only be obtained from two immensely popular sports  - Cricket and Football. sigh.. i am bored of thinking of this irritating condition...

Check out the olympic schedule and results here

Thats all for today, adios amigos.. remember to live the spirit..and  Inspire a Generation!

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