Monday, April 02, 2012

The story goes on..

I like stories. I love to hear them, share em, write em, tell new ones and even work some creative sweat on them.

I recall only one small Story Telling competition in 2nd std, the one and only time I ever participated in such an activity. Though I never liked the limelight( and still don't fancy it ), the thing in me grew into many offshoot of it being this blog.

But dearer are hundreds of stories I lived and fewer which I told anyone.

But the thousands that are created and shelved in my head are my gold mines awaiting to be responsibly exploited.

Stories are such cool things. Nothing can replace the satisfaction of a good story. The other contenders are Music and my never ending curiosity. Each actually serve a different purpose. Stories are a strange mix of logic, reality and creative imagination.

I think with everything and anything I end up weaving a story. Stories are what ultimately get me going and get things done.

Whatever happens..the story even goes on...

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