Sunday, April 22, 2012

A favourite scene from the movie War Horse

In the movie 'War Horse', after almost an entire movie depicting the intense battle between the British and the German, there is an interesting scene.

Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the movie yet and intend to, even though it is not a movie with suspense thrills.

The horse(the hero) makes a dash through the German lines to the British ones and unfortunately gets entangled in a the barbed wires covering the battlefield. It gets hurt and whinnies loudly. It happens in the middle of the night in the highly tense scenario of trench warfare during World War I. I think it was the battle of the Somme, which is notoriously famous for the deadly use of tanks and chemical weaponry.

The soldiers from both sides peep out of the trenches using periscopes and identify the horse in the middle of the battlefield. A British soldier tries making a ticking kind of sound to call the horse, on hearing which the entire British trench echoes with similar sounds as almost the entire line seems to call to the horse. Quite an amusing scene in the brutal battlefield. To add to it, a wise German soldier starts whistling to the horse, which his fellow soldiers follow. Now the two sides compete against each other by increasing the volume of these calls. The entire battle field is filled with the funny noises of men  who were poised to kill each other for months...

Further on, the simple humour and humanity displayed by soldiers of both the sides to free the horse and then decide on the quarrel of who takes it, in a very gentlemanly fashion is quite interesting.
The movie itself has a thread of such simple stories and lives of normal people touched by the atrocities of the war between rulers. The movie itself is a definite must watch. The above mentioned were just some amusing parts of it, especially to one used to lots of war movies intent on the violence of it.

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