Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Office


Today is a Saturday and I am in office.
Thanks to BJP's Bharat Bandh, Monday was a holiday and to compensate we have to work today.

Though the Bharat Bandh had saved me a leave while I had gone to my native place, working on Saturday has become more cumbersome than I had expected.

Though I had known that I had to wake up as usual and come to office in the morning, I had not set the alarm, and woke up at 8.35am. FYI the last buses for office are at 9.10am.
Then somehow I got ready and reached the bus stop at 9, to find other IT employees waiting for the bus. I came to know that not even a single bus had passed by for half an hour.
It seemed that even the KSRTC had forgotten that these few souls had to report to office in time on a Saturday as well.

Anyway, a nice friend came by and gave me a ride to office. Thanks to her I was saved from the infinite wait for the royal transport of Tipu.

Entering into the office, a wave a sleep hit me hard and I was almost crawling to my seat. Colleagues even started inquiring about my health, upon which I cursed the BJP.
After dumping myself on my seat, I found out that the task I was supposed to do today, has not been approved yet. So, no work, fully sleepy, and with half the office empty, this promises to be a excruciatingly slow and painful Saturday.


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