Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ramblings from office

Following is the one of the many write-ups i cook up during my work hours(pls don't misunderstand my situation..i USUALLY am busy)

This is about the storm that comes every.. umm..frankly no one really knows when it comes.But when it comes, we just know it is better to stay out of its way.

As with all storms and catastrophic events, this one also has a female name. And it comes out of nowhere, giving you no time to prepare in advance.

Irrespective of work related urgency and tension, our anxiety is always about our machines. Such is the fury of this female tempest, which descends upon us, in the name of cleaning.

Even the most complicated tasks are left as it is and people leave for cover, hoping their machines will survive the onslaught.From a safe distance you wait and pray that you will find your desk and machine in working condition after the storm has cleared.Amidst all the usual horrible sounds of the treatment that your dear (sob) machine receives, you can occasionally hear ripping and scraping sounds , which makes you bite your nails and pull your hair.

Once the storm moves to neighbouring cubicles, we all run back to our machines and check if they are alive.
The job of tilting those abused monitors, and pushing back the mauled CPUs is all that you can do,while additionally inspecting for damages to the poor keyboard which gets spanked loudly.

To add, this tempest doesn't leave any one alone, irrespective of rank and experience. All are equal in its presence, as it crosses the development centres and rises up a cloud of grunts and sighs...

Once the storm passes, we sit down to discuss the extent of damage inflicted and how they managed to save some of their components, like old drooped out veterans talking about their exploits.

Surely this is not even complete, and has lots of grammatical and (something) (something) mistakes.But this is the blog of ramblings of this mad guy..and you chose to read it.. i warned u!!!      didn't i? sigh....

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