Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the books

Over this month, I have been more into books.

Not sure if it was caused by a gift coupon of Rs.500/- meant only for books, which I received from my manager. Or it could simply have been caused by my detachment from the world of technology. It would be ideally a mixture of these reasons.
Ok, whatever be the reasons, I did make some progress on the books and added some to my book shelf.

Status update:-
1) Finished reading 'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' - Eric Newby. A whooper of a travelogue. I loved the funny way Eric has understated their pains and efforts. Must read for those who dream of wandering in the wilderness.

2) Started reading 'Rebecca' -Dauphne Maurier. An interesting but slow story.

3) Started reading 'The leader Who had no Title' - Robin Sharma but not much interested by it.

4) Even started reading 'Anansi Boys'-Neil Gaiman at office. This is one book I want to get back to reading. Expectations are high.

5) 'Life Of Pi' - Yann Martel, a Man Booker prize winner, is waiting in the sidelines for now.

Other than this, I did start reading up a few ebooks here and there for timepass. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho is one among them that I recall. But please note that I didn't read any of those long enough to make sufficient progress to give a feedback or review.

Watch out for more updates from my adventures into the land of words.

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