Monday, June 21, 2010


How  attached do we sometimes feel to places one lives,  ones hangs out with friends , or is associated with some important event(s) in life?
Some people accept the attachment, some deny it , while some others take it as part of the game.But undeniable is the fact of attachment with places.

Sometimes this attachment happens even if you initially hate the place.

Take the example of school, where on your very first day, you would surely have churned out a storm, wishing to go home.

Come college days, and initially you hated the classes and the rules, and stuck to the hostel and canteen. Later on when it was time to leave college, you would have thought of all the fun you had inside the classroom with professors and all the tricks and pranks you played on them. Every moment of those days passes as nostalgia through your mind streams.

Later on, when life gives you wings and take you places, you hate something and love something there also. Sometimes you end up loving too many things, making you inflexible and bars your movement.
Sometimes you are ill at ease with new places and prefer moving around to new places, possibly in search of that 'ideal' place.
But it is always a time of choice to decide whether to stick to your attachments or wade through the current of change.

If someone asked me which is better: stick to one job/place/whatever until you feel you can get nothing more out of it  (or) try one of it until you feel you can do better elsewhere and then move on, I would suggest the second option.


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