Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wish to write

I had this strange wish to detach myself further from the common devices of internet. I felt I am a better person overall when I take out this 'connectivity' out of the equation. And I do know at certain times that it helps a lot to work on real world problems, talk to people, travel out, read a book, cook something, do something completely new and wacky etc etc. But other than those, I found that the internet has a confounding impact on me on some scale.

A feeling of connectedness to someone or something, which in truth is just my own imagination playing with the nerves. The unending and unfathomable depth and variety of knowledge at my finger tips,the impulse to google out each and every doubt and human thought that crosses my mind.That kind of addiction can drive a person insane or in my case, less efficient. I had 'broken' the very addiction at least half a dozen times by now. It gets back into action again, not as an addiction, but more akin to an uninvited guest. I know it is there, when my mind waits for the machine to be up and check the network logo at first. Also when the mind swirls between choosing which site to check out, or which new idea to research with google , i know i am stung.

I have home made remedies for this, which i have applied and hence am stopping my writing...

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