Thursday, July 07, 2011

A day in the life of Vivek

Today was our product release. Yes, we have a weekly release(i prefer to call it 'weakly').

In spite of that, I went late. But did my part, helped everyone, calmed down things, solved problems, negotiated with concerned parties and other blah blahs. But unlike other release days, I went for a lengthy lunch- that too outside. Felt like college days.

Then like crazy college kids, we went for a ride around the industrial area through unknown roads. That too, without notifying superiors - especially after having heard a dress-down awarded to a colleague for behaving similarly.

Anyway from that moment I was getting the feeling that I was in a different world. Everything was so light and easy. I closed tasks in 1/10th the estimated time, zipped between cubicles handling various domains and various technologies as well. All done by 4pm. Smooth release, ours and our neighbors' - both involving my hands. Increasingly I was feeling that today was Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.

All was well, everyone left early. I sat down for a moment of quiet, reflecting on some strange behavior of our products. Rebooted the machine which was shutdown as a reflex. Sat through the scenarios meticulously simulating and ready to hammer it then and there. And lo - everything worked so smoothly that I wondered whether this was the same application everyone including myself cursed for the last week.

So got to the business of printing huge programming reference books ("Programming Pearls") for office purpose. After a marathon queue of print jobs, walked out to the printer - just to find dark corridors, wet with the fresh drizzle dripping through the slightly open windows. Suddenly felt so good about being there, but not about being there at that time. The clock said 7.30pm. Not good when you don't have any legitimate work in office.

Rest of the story is boring. Skipping it, prepared extended curd rice with special vegetable mix(mumbo jumbo).Mumbai Meri Jaan - Awesome.
Stirs the spirit of an undying attitude of perseverance.

The business spirit of India Inc.
A minute for the day to end.

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