Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seasons in the rain

Monsoon season in Kerala.
Some year in the late 90s.

Evening time after school hours are over.

Each puddle on the road was an opportunity to try something exciting.
One day it is about soaking the shoes and socks, and another day it is about splashing the water. Sometimes it feels best to make paper boats and watch them flow endlessly across the gutter filled roads to the overflowing canals.

Sometimes it catches you unaware without an unfurled umbrella, and fetches you a nice thrashing at home or even worse, a cold. Actually cold was good. It meant not having to go to school, and mother would sit along preparing hot food, while you sit out and enjoy the rain to the maximum, which you can't do in school.

But over the years, the season formed a happy part of life and the fun kept on increasing. Started trying crazy things like getting drenched with the umbrella safely furled up, dancing during heavy thunderstorms, and having running races with brother and local kids across the puddled roads.

Having an extensive background of falling in water bodies makes a person sort of accustomed to water in a strange manner. :) You love it when it touches your face. The cold droplets transport you across time and geography to imaginary places that might exist only in an imaginative kid's mind. Even the now-familiar noise of heavy downpour, or the slow rhythm of raindrops falling from man-made constructions have their own inner meanings, which attract and hypnotize the mind.

Monsoon was fun season for everyone. But during the last decade there has been drastic changes in the weather patterns. And it has led to very disappointing performances by the monsoon many a times. Being well aware that the loss to the city dwellers was nothing compared to what the agriculturists faced, I still like to mark my disappointment. And now moved to another location which has a moderate climate, with an excess of nothing. Love the climate here, but deeply miss the monsoon.

A short walk in a drizzle is always lovely, while a short walk in a roaring Kerala monsoon is adrenaline pumping and exciting. :) Happy monsoon dreams.( Couldn't get any better title. Might be little cheesy )

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