Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally a Kannada Movie

In spite of being in Karnataka for the last two years, it is now that I finally watched a Kannada movie.
And that too... without subtitles!!! Yeah!
(I still wonder how I managed.)

But it did happen.

The movie was "Mungaru Male" or Monsoon Rain(2006), a hit Kannada movie or rather as per what I heard, the only one until recent times. The movie was quite good, with lots of picturesque locales and nice cinematography. I struggled a bit at points where heavy dialogues were delivered. I might re-watch those parts with subtitles later on. But for time being, I understood their feelings and moved on ;)

Frankly, I didn't expect the subtitles to be absent when I started watching. But then I just got along, and saw the entire movie.

The part where they show the Jog Falls was simply awesome, because they showed the exact spot me and my friends had sat when we went there last year. It is an AWESOME location.

Sort of like the cult Malayalam movie "Thoovanathumbikal", rain has a very important role in the romantic scene. I loved that part very much. Leaving out some complicated dialogue delivery, it all seemed like a normal Indian movie. So it was very pleasing to watch the movie sitting in my cubicle at office :D :D