Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zindagi Shayad Na Milegi Doobara

Heavy food, 60rs worth petrol in each bike's tank, full heart, empty roads and no plans.

So began our small trip.

Maybe inspired by the movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara" which talks about living life king size, we guys decided to roam around instead of returning to our rooms.

It was fun! After a long time, the small group of travel-frenzy guys got together.
Adding routes and deviations upon each other, we wandered and sometimes stopped to crack some jokes or catch a glimpse of some beautiful landscapes.

Through the pouring rain, the two bikes moved at very even and normal pace, enjoying every moment. Every now and then, when we encountered unknown routes we just took a call and continued. It happened to lead us through new ways to our planned destination itself.

The plan was to get to Ooty ;) knowing well enough that all four were joking. But on the way, the lit up stairs to Chamundi came into view and we went there. What a beautiful spot at night it was. We climbed only a few steps and then climbed some rocks for an awesome view of the lit-up city. Sat there and discussed about the moon, the NASA missions and other blah-blah before deciding to go ahead till Bandipur forest owing to a fierce but crazy argument between me and another guy whether a hill we saw to our South was in Tamilnadu or Kerala. He said it was TN, whereas I stuck to the point that it is Kerala. Hence, we called a truce and decided to go there and check out.
But it was getting too late and a black cat crossing our path caused everyone to drop the plan and we returned.

Soon we realized that we circled the Mysore city thrice :)

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