Friday, September 27, 2013

friday afternoon

back in seat after a sumptuous meal from the canteen( wouldn't have believed myself saying this a couple of months ago), the mind seeks music to douse the drowsiness and to set the rhythm for the post-lunch work.

My mind immediately puts forwards its suggestions and craves for particular tracks. The hands operate the keyboard and eyes scan the screen to find these tracks frantically as the mind puts all its weight on the eyelids. But on my office laptop, none are to be found. The mind won't take no for answer and continues to drift across.

On receiving the alarm signals from co-workers, the brain decides to push one time and comes out with an answer - Grooveshark. The free online music service is a messiah to people like me. They cover our a**** when we are in dire need for quality music in a places we don't find it. Though Grooveshark's policies on its mobile versions didn't quite entice me, I love it for filling the gap that the absence of my personal laptop and pocket hard disk causes during work hours.

I load up my favourite tracks and decide I have heard too much of them recently. Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley is the track that wins the lot this time and under its cover, I am writing now.
As the playlist randomly plays through Sweet Child O Mine, Hoshwalon Ko Khabhar Kya and Elay Keechan, the mind is content and prepared to take on the loads that work offers. :-)

Happy Friday afternoon working hours :D

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