Sunday, September 22, 2013

opening the Pandora's Box..

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’.

I feared that if I thought through it any more, I might change my decision. Seeing the confirmation message sent waves of relief over me. I felt as if a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders.

But things are far from over. I knew what exactly I had to do and had everything planned out in the last couple of months.The exit has to be quick and silent. Getting into the taxi waiting for me at the corner would begin a chain of similar escapades.

Once outside the reaches of the Organization, I can be in relative safety. But in this dangerous game, safety is an imaginary luxury of temporary nature. My worries are seldom about my safety. I had made peace with the fact that I was cannon fodder, the day I started taking up the 'special' tasks. All these days, I was on the run with two fears in my mind. One was whether I would be caught before I could finish what I was upto and the other was about my friends and family. I now have only the latter. I only hope that I have done enough to protect those whom I care about.

A word about myself...My name is John, and I am not a terrorist or a spy.
I am a regular computer technician, working for Blueberry Marts, the largest retail chain in the world. My expertise is in data assimilation and pattern analysis, a part of which we use in the regular work to identify purchase patterns for ad and product planning.

I lived a regular life until about a couple of years ago, when I was approached by two guys in identical black suits. They made me to undertake some special tasks, the nature of which would be public and known to all of you in a matter of hours.

almost similar...
Then it would be upto each one of you judge for yourself the nature of my actions and of those that is mentioned in the mail I have sent to the editors of the leading dailies all over the world. I only know that I would have suffocated with the nature of secret I had to keep all these days.

Right now, I wish I could sleep for a while. It has probably been a month since I slept properly. I know that the organization has sniffed around and realized what I was upto and soon their dogs would be at my doorstep baying for blood. Time is of essence and I need to make haste.

Pray for me, my family and most importantly for humanity, for such is the nature of the content I am placing for all of you to behold.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.(All images are obtained from Google Image Search and copyrights are retained by their original owners)

This post is also dedicated to the thousands of brave whistle blowers out there who put their lives in grave danger to expose shocking truths about human rights violation, censorship and other illegal activities by the very same organizations we trust to uphold these values.  Hats off, without you guys we would have lived in a completely ignorant and blind state forever..


  1. 1. Good one Vivek. Loved the topic you chose to write about.
    2. Plz do away with word verification :/ Blogger shows up some very weird characters looped up together, which are most of the times unreadable :|

  2. 1. thanks :-)
    2. Oh I too face this problem while commenting in other blogs. Anyway, there is an option to request another image :-)
    But let me check if there is a better way to avoid spammers.