Friday, December 07, 2012

was democracy the right way for India?

The UPA Government commented recenlty on the FDI matter pending a vote in the parliament - "The question is not FDI as the decision to implement it is on the state governments. If the states have to decide, what are we deciding here. The only thing to be decided here is to support or oppose BJP’s politics and condemn it" Source: The Hindu.

It underlines a very dangerous attitude that the Indian political leadership has. I was a believer in the righteousness and power of a democractic Government mechanism until the last 3-4 years.  But off late, I have been increasingly disenchanted and frustrated by the doings of the central government. And it is an interesting co-relation that the UPA was in power in that period of time. And this is not a political statement, as I don't think I support any political party per say. But I will admit that I support liberal views based on justice and harmony for the population. You can call that a leftist slant, but I don't really care whether you do or not.

Anyway, coming to the present matter, I felt an outrage at such a pathetic and narrow-minded approach taken by people who are supposed to lead a country of a billion plus people with immense and diverse problems and solutions at their hands. Rulers of such a nation are expected to be more mature, more far-sighted and highly practical. 

The statement in all its sense just means that they don't give a damn if FDI is approved or not( which is a different matter altogether, considering the profit potential to the political cashbanks). They are more focused on getting the different parties to stand by them to defeat another political party. Such in-fights help in clouding the actual judgement and analysis of the policy matters being decided by these elected representatives. These might favour the ones trying to hide something. But I don't want to speculate. Whether a new policy involves unscrupulous activities or not has to be judged with an unbiased attitude, and with an intention to settle cheap disputes.

I don't like to think or waste my time over the petty political antics of our leaders. I only cringe in pain for the original ideals of democracy have been torn to shreds and ruthlessly ravaged under the watchful eyes of the law, which was originally appointed to safeguard the ideals. And this is not just the case of India. Other democracies too are falling apart. The Achilles Heel of democracy, in my honest opinion is disparity in wealth. The huge economic boom in USA during the last century literally blew its fair and just  judicial system to smithereens. The same is happening in India, but only worse as we tout not just economic disparity, but cultural, lingual and communal as well. It is high time we figured out a better form of administration that brings peace and harmony to the people, while propelling the economy to greater heights.

Maybe the British were afterall right in their expectations that petty Indian leaders would tear apart the country once they were let loose after the independence. It really did happen. The rich, the powerful and the cunning ones took resources and power into their hands, playing nicely by the rules, until they reached a position where they could rewrite the very rules that contained their antics.

So are we in a state where can't hope for a just and fair system? Will our only chance of survival be the path of allegiance and silence? Will there be sufficient catalysts and reactions by the population to improve the situation, so that we reach a state were we don't deny people the minimum they deserve? Is democracy the real way to empower people? Or was it just a method which helps the powerful to settle their disputes amicably among themselves? I wonder what would have happened if the founders of the Indian constitution had not chosen democracy ..

I remain in a state of confusion and anguish wondering about these troubling matters...

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