Saturday, November 03, 2012

Creativity is the topic of the day

Here are some really good articles I read today from Zen Habits and other sources which inspired me to figure out some things I want to do. I am re-posting or trying to restructure it hoping that it might help someone of you too.

I always seem to justify these works of text as measures by people holding valuable information to share it among the thousands of interested people out there in the world. As a good faith, we always ignore the ones who don't want the information. :)

Read this The Willingness to Think Differently article first. It lies down the experiences of the author in a very generic terms regarding how he/she had transformed his/her life by being able to think differently from the crowd. I suggest continuing with this article only after you have completed read and thought about the referred article.

If you got what you wanted to know from the previous article, then you would also appreciate the following stuff, as they work in a flow.

Here is an article which appeared in TechRepublic which is mildly popular for technical news. I follow the site for insightful articles in topics like career related psychology, statistics, tips and techniques and very nontechnical stuff that you can find very difficult to get elsewhere. The article is titled "The 11 greatest enemies of creativity" and touches upon 11 very material aspects that might affect the creativity at work. Given the nature of the website and its other articles, I usually don't expect a philosophical outline from such articles, but to a watch eye and thoughtful these can be food for thought and a catalyst for explosive ideas :)

Here is an excerpt from the next article I want to share with you titled "How to Wait Less":-

We wait. That good life is coming, and we’ll be there soon.
What if we stopped waiting, stopped trying to make dreams and goals come true, stopped wishing and anticipating?
Go ahead and read it up. I loved it. I am sure you too would appreciate the approach the author touts.

Here is a very explosive writeup (again in Zen Habits) about Unschooling. The term was very unfamiliar to me until I glanced through the points mentioned in the article. It somehow coincides with my beliefs too, but goes much more in depth and explores various aspects of the very revolutionary idea. Also the author has taken care to provide lots of references and techniques to understand and take on this concept. I am now seriously considering becoming a follower of this technique and slowly imbibe this to any person who approaches me to provide guidance and tutelage.

To wrap it up, this is an article on breathing which is like putting words into my mouth. I feel I would have some day written an article of this nature if I hadn't stumbled upon this one. This will help through all the problems and worries that might be troubling all of our minds. I know many people who don't even acknowledge articles like the ones I refer to or the ones I write. It is just a case of people not being able to see the truth and admit the problems they have and try to walk through the solutions peacefully. Many instead seek to fight against it and try to believe that they live in the ideal world that is built up in their dreams and imagination with ample support from external agencies which have nothing but commercial interests. I only wish people of all natures and types get to a point when they can live wholesome and happy lives with enough motivation and satisfaction :-)

adios amigos.. :D

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