Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel Nirvana

I don't know about others, but travel is nirvana for me.
It is my fate,destiny and my path.

I keep travelling on paths that are new and old, weaving a pattern of life. Only those with the eyes for it might be able to view. But I don't care if no one notices, though its not that I wish so.
But solace is in the fact that there are many like me out there, mostly unknown to anyone. These are people who wander, but aren't lost. They know everything they need to know, or know how to get to it eventually.. they might even be in the search for it. But always in peace. As mentioned in the novel Marathon Baba - "It is not about the pace, it is about the peace".

Antharmukha - facing inward they say. That is the difficult and undoubtedly 'high' position these people seek out. Not to be turned away by adversities is just part of everyday life for them.

There are people who come out of their material worlds and try to adapt the everyday stuff of life in this side to try and make sense in that world. But it often cooks up only a partial story and hence has varied levels of effectiveness. From my analysis, I feel this is mostly because the very root cause of the original problem would be attachment which has to be sacrificed. Only then would those people have found what they wanted.  The irony is that at such a state you can't adapt or present these learnings as anything material. So rest of the world remains in its ignorant state while one person moves into the new path. But most importantly, I believe that such efforts to bridge gaps brings more people into this path. Everything else they talk about anything related can be counted as plain bullshit.

Many are there who don't know that they too are travelling in such paths. Ignorance is bliss, say some. While others curse ignorance. I would like to reflect upon both these ideas, as ignorance is inferred relative to intent.

And so I keep travelling as only those roads that I feel lead to mother nature and her very elementary rules provide real nirvana to the soul (again perceived feelings) .. everything is included in this.

 Miss my bicycle, the roads are inviting, hills evergreen and beautiful. Youthful spirit and body are barely controllable.. be it bicycle,motorcycle,car or calf muscles...movement is a must..


  1. I agree; traveling is awesome! And it can be very peaceful. I am in the military, and so I get to travel to all sorts of interesting places. Some peaceful. Some, not so peaceful... Thanks for sharing!

    If you follow my blog, I'll follow yours!

    Casey Sean Harmon

  2. As all rivers lead to the same ocean, so does all the different paths taken by men ultimately lead to the same destination.. For different people, nirvana is achieved in different ways.. Good to know that you find the path to your nirvana in traveling.. :)