Friday, August 17, 2012

Most popular posts

Some of the most popular blog posts over the last 6 years. Not going by just the number of visitors because some of them really don't make sense. So I assume they were visits with malicious intentions.

Kenshin Rocks
The article about my favourite anime character - Himura Kenshin. This page has seen lots of visitors and I have got many responses from fellow Kenshin fans.

A short poem like write-up which talks about memories of college days.

Uppu Soda Thedi
My one and only Malayalam post which describes the experiences of a thirsty guy searching for Soda with salt in his hometown during a hot summer afternoon.

A newbie cyclist speaks out
Article about my experiences with the bicycle. Well received by like minded individuals.

how to beat free time in office
One of the most popular blog posts which competes with "How to beat Monday blues" and was inspired from it too.

There are many more which saw lots of visitors and responses. I must admit I am too lazy to pick em all up. You would just have to use the chronology drop down thing on the right side to pick the article you wish to read.. u lazy bums :P :P

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