Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shower of Memories

For the last one week, I had been planning to start working out and as a part of it, go out for a morning walk.

Yesterday I was determined to do that, but fell asleep. So, I had kept all hopes for today, and wake up I did, just to find that God had other plans for me. It was raining already..

And what rain it is. Beautiful, subtle and enchanting. Unlike the rains we have in Kochi, which can be quite heavy, this is a subtle downpour ; more than a drizzle, but so lacking in the intent. The experience of just standing in the balcony watching the coconut palms sway lightly and the rain drops splatter against the walkways and roads, while the cold wind gives you goosebumps was invigorating to the soul and body alike.

I felt so refreshed and realized there is no better thing in life than people you care for being with you in such a nice climate. Mysore has given many such moments owing to its specialty as a beautiful place to settle.

But nostalgia always finds its way into all your emotions when rains are involved. So, I was reminiscing the experience of sitting in the sit-out of my house, watching the early morning showers, sipping the hot tea that my mother used to prepare.

Rains always provoke lovely feelings of calm, providing sense of purpose and energy to me. I have tried rain music and rain dance also to figure out the science behind it. It somehow eludes words even now.

So saluting those fun, inspiring, lovely and sometimes crazy things I have done on rainy days..

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