Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chamundi Night Ride

A ride up the Chamundi hills on my new bike: I had wanted to do this after getting the bike. Today I had the chance.

It was freaking awesome. And to add to the pleasure, the weather was very good when we(myself and Bharath) started the climb.

As I couldn't cross the 40kmph limit, I had a hard time initially trying to stop myself from accelerating through the zig zag mountain road. But soon the awesome view on the sides made me enjoy my slow ride, with the helmet removed.

On one side was the unlit green patches and dirt roads, and when the road curved the hills, the other side revealed the glittering Mysore city. I wanted to stop by all the view points, but didn't. Anyway we stopped at the usual main view point which opens up an AWESOME view to the city.

A gang of college students were seated there. One of them had a guitar and was singing songs. He sang quite a few tracks and all the people seated there applauded him after each song, in spite of the darkness which made it nearly impossible the spot who was singing( but it was no recording for sure :0 ) . We sat there for nearly 20 minutes silently enjoying the atmosphere and deep in own thoughts, which then turned into a discussion about career and life :-O

Then we went up the hills to the temple and waited for 30 mins to get the darshan and came out soon. The return journey too was frigging awesome.

I only felt bad when we reached the foothills as I still wanted to explore many parts of the hill. This was the best trip to the Chamundi hills for me so far. I got to know my bike better and my self as a biker too. And yes, my bike hit 280km in the 12 days.

so.. its vroom vroom wing riding for sometime now..

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