Sunday, April 03, 2011

We are the Champions

That was historic.

An achievement which we have only heard of and seen visuals of, that is what we got to experience now. India has lifted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after a long gap of 28 years.

The crowd here was electrifying. People dancing on the streets, bursting crackers, singing, screaming,doing victory laps and what not. Even we joined with our own style of celebrations, honking our bike horns in tune with the music being played out, and teaching new tunes to the locals to dance to.

The sheer euphoria out there on the streets defines what the game means to us Indians. The victory is not just about Sachin, Dhoni or the Indian team. It is much much bigger than that. It is about a long cherished dream coming true and given as a dedication to a true hero of the game.

Having said all these, today's match was one helluva final. Both the sides put up a good show.
India did well in the initial overs by restricting the Lankans. But Mahela's hard work put them at a challenging position. And Sehwag's and Sachin's premature exit made everyone lose confidence on the team. But Gambhir did a terrific job of digging in and fighting it out, helped by Kohli initially and Dhoni later on. I felt very sorry that he couldn't make it to his hundred. And also I believed it was unfair to have given the Man of the Match award to Dhoni. Gambhir deserved it more.

The game had lots of funny instances like Sehwag holding Simon Taufel's arm when he signaled a No-Ball, the funny mixups in the presentation ceremony, Munaf's monkey like posture in the dressing room gallery and subsequent appearance in half-pants to collect the medals, and Sreesanth's stupid looking face appearing everywhere. He was pathetic in performance except a couple of initial overs, and his "Sai Baba"/"Humbidi" style hairdo made it look like a complete buffoon.

There are many more things about this match, which we can see in the media in the upcoming days. So sit back and enjoy this very special moment.

Hope the extra monetary rewards find good use.

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