Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being at home

The bliss and feeling of being back at home after a long and hectic four months; is therapeutic and just what my stressed nerves needed.

Though not the big vacation I initially planned it as due to an unfortunate death in the family, it still turned out quite well. And one and a half days are still left to go.

Catching up with lots of relatives, local political and film stories, and general status of the state fires up some extra nerves. But apart from all that was the amazement in seeing the entire house in a new getup, with lots of renovations completed. The new energy seems to float everywhere.

A good rain yesterday night also made it feel like the good old summer season, with the roaring thunder and the scene of swaying coconut palms lit by mighty lightning.

But walking in the small but quite green vegetable gardens and clambering upon the large mango tree to pluck the almost-ripe tasty mangoes; that was really refreshing. Feels better than running a 2 km track in the early morning fog of Mysore. A special mention is required for the good subjects I got for my photography lessons.

Everything about being at home seems good. The small things especially. You get to realize what a shitty life you spend at your work place. So it mixes well with the vacation effect.

Well, as I go ahead to take more 'rest', I just wanted to record these moments, though not historic or everlasting, are just enough worthy of being remembered in our small lives.

A well deserved pit-stop before having a fast lap. Ciao.

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