Monday, December 20, 2010

What are you to your nation

This question is quite difficult to answer, especially in a developing nation like India. It is funny and sad at the same time to think that our nation, blessed with huge natural wealth , near perfect strategic location and abundance of talent is still in the "developing" category.

Is our entire nation really in the same category of developing, or is it just a brand chosen by the top brass?

I feel, that India has a huge section of undeveloped population, a sizable community of developing and a relatively rare developed population. The undeveloped population can be found in the slums of small and large cities, the far flung and remote villages, islands and other inhospitable locations. And the seemingly majority of developing population is found in the well-to-do villages, towns and everywhere in the cities - large and small. Referred to as the 'Common Man', by both media and politicians alike, this community is the reflection of the general condition of the nation. Or so it is purported.

Now, what about the developed class? Who are they? Where are they? How much does one get to hear and see about them in the media? Very less, or rather just enough to position themselves suitably yet keeping the shady parts away. No, I don't mean that all rich and well-to-do business tycoons and politicians are goons in reality who earn their money in illegal methods. I just want to point out that, this class of people have more matters hidden than exposed, even from the law of the land.

Coming to the point, if you, the reader,belonging to any of the classes mentioned above, have ever had the same question in your mind as raised by me in the title of this article, can connect faster. But if it is new you, then start thinking now.

For this nation of a 100 billion plus, doesn't care much about you , an individual. That statement has to be taken with a pinch of salt though. If you are not well off, don't have political connections, or don't have the will power and shrewdness to prove your point in this big crowd, no one will turn their attention on you. If the entire nation is deaf, it will take quite big a bang to make them listen to you.

As a kid, I had wished to a policeman. It was not with a sense of duty of that role, but motivated by the power of policemen to bully and beat up anyone. Later on, the armed services took its place, bringing in honour, servitude and calm sense of duty in place of plain power. Though I am not shrewd enough to handle the running of the government of this nation, and haven't thought through ways to eradicate issues like nepotism and corruption , rampant in our nation, I do feel that as an individual, if I strive to maintain my sense of duty and spread the attitude to those around me, my part would be half done.

This article is part of a HUGE thought process, and hence might seem confusing and broken to some. You can see various parts of this popping up sometime later. Till then, sayanora.

(Nowadays, I am into the practice of writing articles which don't have conclusions. The intention behind it is to instigate the same thought process as mine, into the readers's minds and engage them in an intellectually interactive manner. Hope you enjoy.)

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