Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mysooru - A Dasara Darshan

Today, from morning onwards I have not been in my room.

I had gone to friends place in the morning,which was an uphill trek,with the laptop and a 'toolkit'. The purpose was to install Linux and Windows 7 on a laptop suffering with 'viral fever' After nearly a day long procedure, I packed up and then walked to a couple of other locations with my lappy, spreading and collecting data.

I was just gonna mentally close the day at 6pm and sleep,when a friend came forward with an idea to go up the Chamundi Hills. I agreed immediately and lo.. we were soon cutting through the thickly crowded and colourfully lit streets of Mysooru. The journey too was just awesome, and we got a good darshan of the splendidly lit city from atop the hills and also of the Goddess.

These are a few important things I came to know today :-

1) However long be a queue at the Chamundi, it moves very fast(compared to Kerala temples)
2) You can get to see Cheetahs on the Chamundi hills, on the roadside - irrespective of time
3) Cost of a Canon 120IS camera
4) Mysore has a very good Chat centre, right in the centre of the city which serves awesome stuff

Each one of the learning has an experience or story behind it :)

whoa what a nice day.thanks to my friend.

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