Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angaadi Theru - A good Tamil Movie

I finished watching the Tamil move Angaadi Theru just now and felt like I should recommend and promote this movie.

The synopsis is simple. It is the story of two young lovers working in a Textile Showroom in the bustling Ranganathan Street of Chennai. The movie depicts the harsh conditions under which these people lead their lives. Not only does it serve to tell the story of those people, about whom not many of the 'normal' citizens care about, but it is also about the endearing human spirit. At many parts of the movie, we feel both sympathy and empathy towards the characters. But the part where they overcome all pain and difficulties with will power could very well be the highlight of the movie.

The plot and screenplay is very good and the debutant artistes more than excelled in bringing to life the characters they played. Also laudable is the music by Vijay Antony and G V Prakash Kumar.

This movie again strengthens my belief that it is not just the budget or the reputation of the artistes that makes a good movie. The other movie in Tamil that made me feel so was Subrahmanyapuram.

Please go and watch this movie at a theatre if possible, otherwise get a digital copy and watch it. Also, if possible recommend this to people who can't understand Tamil, but can enjoy a good movie( provide subtitles though ).

Check out this beautiful song titled 'Aval Appadi' from the movie

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  1. Hey I also saw the movie and completely agree that its not the budget which makes a movie. And I have been to all these big big stores with lot of salesmen but never thought they will be living in such bad conditions.And I was also a part of asking show me another color of sarees..but din no so much was going on behind it