Monday, December 01, 2008

Smiling Moon

It look so special...I have never seen such a sight in my life.
I noticed the smiling moon,on the clear western sky while going to the library after 6pm today.It was quite amazing and funny at same time.

I felt as if the sky itself was smiling at the world below.Don't know why the peculiar shape occurred. I never have seen two planets(Venus and Jupiter) so close by the moon,that too in crescent. This is a pretty sight occurring due to the alignment of these planets.Those who missed the view would have to wait for someone to upload images soon, or for a newspaper with an observant photographer.

What I noticed was that,not many noticed the peculiar sight on the clear sky.People were busy and had frowns on their face,obviously worried about the hectic lives. I felt the sky was saying "Smile Please" and I am sure the peculiar sight would have brought a smile on anyone's face.

Lets' take it as a message to ourselves.Keep Smiling and go about doing our jobs with a smile on our face...

Trust me to interpret anything with a useful message.. ;)
Got a photo taken by Cyriac and posted it(he admitted to not have taken it well)

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