Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deadly Decisions

Post 26/11,with the entire population breathing down the neck of the politicians and many on rampage,the politicians are struggling to weave strategies to hold power while calming the people.

The political game has begun with the resignation of Home Minister Shivraj Patil.He is just being made a scapegoat,someone to point to by either sides ,instead of looking at the clear facts and taking difficult decisions.NDTV just reported that there are moves to break the five year ceasefire at the LOC and increase troop concentration,which means an escalation of military activity against Pakistan.After watching such strategies being used over and over by the ruling governments,we the people shouldn't go by their game.

We,as the taxpayers and the ones who elected these bureaucratic demons onto power,should see through their plans.An announcement for military action against Pakistan would satisfy many a commoner whose is now chanting "Bharat Mata ki Jai" and profanities about Pakistan.The government is surely going to cash in on this kind of emotions held by majority of the population.And sadly,that is exactly what the evil brains behind the attacks want India to do.Breaking a 5-yr ceasefire has long lasting effects on the political situation of the subcontinent.Also,considering the huge costs involved with such a military action,it is always unwise to resort to full scale military action without proper consideration.The government is clearly planning to divert public rage for some time by going ahead with this dastardly decision.

A war at this point will hurt the diplomatic relations with Pakistan(it is of atmost importance that we do not consider Pakistan as some country simply surviving at our mercy),as well as hurt our already reeling economy.This also serves as a good diversion for governments,politicians and even other similar evil parties to avoid media and public attention for their activities.I vehemently oppose this attitude of resorting to military action every time attacks occur due to reasons other than direct infiltration via LOC.How else can they justify this decision??

This and all the other attacks in urban areas that have taken place in India is clearly due to failure of intelligence,negligence of officers at duty or bottlenecks created by bureaucratic issues.I would have been happier if the Government had issued an order to check and fix the reasons for such intelligence lapses,deal with bureaucratic bottlenecks regarding security of all important locations in India.The voice and inputs of local intelligence and officials should be considered in this matter.

A report shown in a news channel,just showed how deplorable our coastal security system is.Let's demand our politically elected loudspeakers to show some guts,show some spirit and to show some life.Instead of pushing the country into yet another war,I wish and I want them to realize the vulnerable situation of the nation and take strong measures to fix it up.I also want all responsible citizens reading these paragraphs to take caution against the vile speeches and propaganda of any political side.We should keep vigil and maintain clear vision of the situation and demand our governments to do the right thing.I also request you to please educate nearest fellow citizen who thinks that the military action is the solution,about the possible outcomes of a war(which is never,never good).

We have seen lots of deaths over the past many years,this time we even saw it Live on TV,how they dug in and fought us,killing our countrymen and our guests indiscriminately.There were no politicians involved in the rescue of the hostages or elimination of hostile forces.The only people affected were the security personnel,the guests,innocent civilians and their kin.So,lets keep the faith and respect we had in our men who simply did their jobs well,unlike the politicians and corrupt/negligent officials who couldn't prevent it from happening.We don't want another bout of bloodshed at the borders.We can stop it.We should demand proper action,not just action.Let us raise our voice and make it clear that the people of this country cannot be duped again.I wish our brothers and sisters who are taking huge processions and protests at various places understand that it should not be something that recedes when the government gives such diversions or die down in a matter of time.

As I always say: "The Power is Ours!!"

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