Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tea times

Of course this is not tea time..but I am a tea lover who drinks various kinds of tea at odd times :)

Just tested the 'Adrak'(ginger) tea which turned out little weak due to the hesitation from my side to put an overdose.But it tasted nice...with milk.
My other usual experiments are with black tea,as milk doesn't help the flavour always.

I cherish the good Darjeeling tea I had at Mussorie 5 years back and recently had the packed version at Cafe` Coffee Day of IIT-M.The one I had tasted at Mussorie was like heaven...and it was rightly taken at 5 in the morning daily after jogging(as part of mountaineering course) up and down the hill.The so called 'Assam Tea' at CCD didn't taste too was pretty strong as well( considering the time of consumption being nearly 12 am).

Another flavour is the Lemon Tea,which smells so refreshing and tastes good as well.But I left it for sometime for the sake of not getting bored.Same goes with the bitter(believe me) 'Green Tea'..all black...

My other experiments include 'Ginger Lemon','Pudina','Tulsi','Masala' and various kinds of tea leaves themselves..brought from various places like Darjeeling,Munnar estates etc directly ...thanks to my father who tries out a variety of agricultural products and my mother who shares my passion for innovative cooking...My daily tea itself is flavoured with cardamom powder and I am specific about the flavour of tea leaves used. :)

My view about cooking varies from a mere necessity to an art that needs quite a lot of interest and a keen sense of taste and lets say...aptitude.In case of tea,I believe that any kind of flavoured leaf or condiment that tastes good on being boiled in water can make a good tea!!Of course,tastes vary from person to person,and you might not be aware of the fact that some people in Tibet(recall so) drink tea with Yak's milk flavoured with...salt!!(Courtesy:Balarama Digest of unknown era)

Anyway I will stop this small dialogue with these lines "Anyone can Cook!" from...Ratatouille..and a message for wannabe tea fans..keep innovating(don't resort to searching recipes on the internet) and always stick to organic products as they taste much better and are healthier than their counterparts.Have a good tea...adios

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