Thursday, December 25, 2008

Retro .. many times in your life do ya get to remember the jolly 'ol ways..?

Be it indoor fun or outdoor,many of the things which we used to do for entertainment in our childhood is now out of fashion,rare or sometimes not heard at all by others...

For a normal guy like me it would be the retro tv/video games we used to play..with the nice catridges and all...and the cool and funky tv series of the late 90s.I had only DD,so only those who were in same condition would know..coz no self respecting person with cable connection would watch the shows in DD as we did :)

It was the DD metro movie that was aired every weekday at evenings to which I would credit my grasp of Hindi( and not on the strict or boring teachers). There were lots of strange shows, which I wonder how many would have watched(I mean the non-DDs),but we never minded or it stupid or weird.The names of many shows come running to my mind,but I am not going to make a list here,because that is not my intention.

The original reason why I wanted to write this post is the opening sequence of the Cartoon show SWAT KATS,which was aired in Cartoon Network.I just downloaded and heard it.It was my favourite show though we had cable connection for only 2 years..that too the last 2 yrs of schooling.I still get attracted to such retro series if any are aired,and bear a dislike to the kiddish japanese stuff flooding the channels.I do not say all Japanese anime are stupid,cause I myself am in love with 2-3 of them,but frankly I don't like the dubbed versions.Just think how weird it would be,if an English guy tries to voice any of our local would be pandemonium among the viewers... :P

The prize deeds of those days were: Hit a few sixes and take a few wickets everyday:Catch all episodes of all favourite toons and tv shows :Finish reading the latest comics and spread the story to all friends:Finish all levels or beat friends on the many famous tv games and boast about it for a whole year ;)....hehe and it was all carried out with such fervor...


  1. hey!

    i know exactly what you mean!
    johnny quest, swat kats, centurions the old dexter's lab episodes are all waaaay better than pokemon and ben 10 :P :P


    even the old DD2 cartoons were cool. i used to watch them for 2 months of holiday every year :) mummies alive was damn funny.

    i guess the average age of cartoon viewing must have dropped. soon we'll be seeing stuff like barney, and sesame street all the time :P

    hm... i'll have to download and save up all these awesum cartoons for my kids, so that they don't have the dumb upbringing others have :)

  2. Not a post about college ,no memories ? Nice blog anyway