Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Look up to life

Naresh sir was popular among students of New Crescent High as the most notorious maths teacher ever.  Even the most daring students would scamper away when he walks by the corridor. No one dared to miss his assignments or tests. Such were the stories of those who had fallen before them that lent him the aura of a demi-god.

It was on a fine December morning that Tintu walked into the corridors of New Crescent High, freshly transferred a village school. Tintu's father was a government official and hence transfers were everyday matters for Tintu and his sister who had studied in 5 schools by the time Tintu was in the 9th grade.

It might have been due to this that Tintu held no interest in sitting for too long in classrooms, as he wouldn't be sticking around too long anyway to ruffle up anyone's feathers. He preferred to loiter in the corridors, and playing football with students of any grade who are available on the ground at the time of his liking. And maths was the subject he hated the most, since according to him it lacked a sense of purpose beyond just proving theorems which were proved centuries back, or somehow obtain the magical statement "LHS=RHS".

And it didn't take long for Tintu to lock horns with the demi-god of New Crescent High, Naresh sir. These two were often found in the corridors arguing about something or the other. Naresh seemed to hate the boy and didn't make private his intentions to debar Tintu from the final exams. This infuriated Tintu even further and he kept his antics going on, but he was thoroughly depressed and wanted to quit school.

One afternoon during lunch break, Tintu happened to pass by the staff room and heard his name being taken. Out of curiosity he eavesdropped on the conversation and realized that it was none other than Naresh speaking. But what he heard shocked him. Naresh kept on talking loads of niceties of Tintu to the fellow staff and kept on saying how he too was like Tintu in his childhood and how hopeful he is for Tintu's future. He even revealed that he had purposefully not failed Tintu and kept on adding insults at regular intervals to keep him motivated. He even reminded the staff  not to spill any of this to Tintu or to other students.

Hearing this, Tintu broke into tears and ran into the toilet and hide himself. He realized how badly he had been ruining his own life and that he has found his true teacher in Naresh, whom he had hated from day one at the new school. It took a while for him to clear his eyes, mind and throat. He  now had a reason to look up to life, and he walked out to meet Mr. Naresh at the corridor and met his staring eyes with an eye of appreciation. After a moment's shock, Naresh realized that his efforts hadn't gone in vain and hugged the boy.

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