Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Variety adds spice to life

"Variety adds spice to life" says the lady who managed to speak that much in the 2 second window she gets in the YouTube ad. And I shamelessly borrowed it and directly opened up a new blog post [embarrassed]

As I get ready to roll out of the garage into the green yard, I reflect upon the same thoughts. hence the silly ad came as a blessing and for for first time I grinned at one of those ads.

Nothing else can explain the state of things after the last travelogue was written to this blog. The last travelogue, the Chase the monsoon season still has its needles stuck on August 2013, whereas its May 2014 already and life has been everything but monotonous in this period.

There were days of boredom, big dreams, ambitious goals, days of pure adventure, learning, moments of glory, unexpected failures, days of frustration and deep sense of loss, and then the days of warmth, growth and feeling of being loved. Many links were broken and made in these days. The life of the person behind this blog and the person himself changed a lot, but still finds that there weren't really many changes, and just a shift in perspectives and priorities.

Some things break to be remade better, while some things break to remain so forever. Its sad and exciting at same time to pick one from the other and move on. This is what the author is trying to realize and lets wish the more exciting stuff planned to roll out soon would follow suit soon :-)

Let the hordes of colorful spice be strewn into the air, let it color the wind and water, let the aroma carry on through blood and water and bring happiness and realization to all souls out there. Let the conduits be opened.. amen :)


  1. "Some things break to be remade better, while some things break to remain so forever." - Well said. Hope to see more on these pages here.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  2. Nice to see you after a long time with a lovely post.... welcome back..:-)