Saturday, May 10, 2014

act of God

The noise was deafening. People who were until then drunk in the rhythm of the festival drums were now staring at each other and looking all around, waiting for someone to start fleeing.

From a distance, I watched the smoke plume form over the main building and I knew it was a matter of time before the crowd reacted. As expected, soon the crowd went berserk, causing a classic stampede. I quiety congratulated myself for the well executed mission.

People would read about this as a local incident now and maybe forget it after a while. But my moment of glory and satisfaction would come when the truth gets unrevealed to the entire world, in the next couple of decades. My plan is foolproof and now I should think about getting back to normal life and gel into the crowd, and await my fruits.

Anyway the change has been set in motion. I have triggered the next series of evolution required for the ultimate triumph of the human race, without even their knowledge.

I would be known as the father of modern humanity.

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