Monday, July 08, 2013

Dayalu Ammal and the 2G scam - a scene out of the movies?

The news about Dayalu Ammal and her appeal to not be brought before court seems normal on the outset. An aging lady trying to be exempted from having to travel long distances and involving in legal hassles.

But given the machinery of politics and legal power play involved in the background, my CID mind starts spinning..
Lady in trouble?
An aging lady who has “abrasive behaviour, clumsy habit with sudden hitting or punching people, inappropriate talk and action and inability to take care of day-to-day activities"  but has been alleged to be involved in the key meetings where the agreements were signed. That sounds like a conspiracy to me.
But I have no way of knowing the truth.

If it is a conspiracy to prevent her statements, and if the appeal is approved, then it would be a major win to the people behind the 2G scam.

Anyway more than the possibilities of an aging lady getting involved in dirty underbelly of family politics, I am interested in the mindset of the legal setup in the country. The way things can be twisted, or made to look innocent to the public is an art. Its the art of deception, and as old as the earliest settled man! :)

chew on that..

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