Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chasing the Monsoon - Part 3

This is a continuation of the Part 1 and Part 2 of the series "Chasing the Monsoon".

Day 2

Early morning risers were four of us. We went on an early stroll , had hot tea and samosa from the deserted Calangute beach, 

arranged bikes for all and made sure everyone was up in time for the day ahead. 2 Yamaha FZ-S, 2 Honda Activa, 1 Dio and 1 Avenger were arranged. I finished a small ride up to Baga beach and had a small tussle with parking fellows and ended up paying 250 bucks, only to be forgotten in the clear rains further ahead. Geared up and ready, we set out by 11 to Fort Aguada.
We met with heavy rainfall there, creating one more of those moments of the trip, which were 'for your eyes only' as all cameras were instantly tucked in. The heavy crowd in spite of the off-season were driven off by the rains and we roamed freely, dancing and waving in the rain that threatened to pull even me off my foot into the rocks below the fort where the Arabian sea was raging like a mother who was out for revenge. We held on to the battlements taking in the full force of the heavy drops and tearing winds on our new raincoats and face! I was satisfied as my purpose of the Goa visit was fulfilled to the point where it started showing green. Anything going wrong beyond that point still classified the trip worth remembering and loving.

But nothing went wrong and after some extended photoshoot of 'Goa nature', we left for the next spot. The central jail below the fort. Truly exciting it was to watch the mad sea rushing in and hitting the rocks. Soon I was in the thick of things and sitting at the farthest point taking in the heavy waves, tumbling off twice taking minor bruises and cuts. We had awesome photoshoots until it started raining and the policemen started hurling abuses and threats. We thought it would be safer to leave rather than land up in trouble and soon left for next spot, which was Sinquerim.
Sinquerim is my favourite beach in Goa after my first visit in April. This time around it looked completely different. There was no beach. It was all sea, madly raging against the fort and the restaurants nearby were sprayed and drowned by successive waves. These were places which in April were far from beach to catch even a good breeze. I fondly remembered my lonely night visit last time and tried to absorb the change I saw there now. We walked up further and found a nice place further into the sea, and less crowded.
I walked up the cliff from there to get a better picture, while a smaller group went down via the rocks to where the sea was hitting hard. My view was ultimate as I could see long distances, the rolling and raging sea ahead, forts aside, and soon the heavy rains started hitting.
I had all intention to stay there and let the gang return, but it was 5pm and it wasn't safe to be there anymore, especially in the rains and I realized I hadn't eaten anything more than a couple of samosas and a cup of tea from the morning. So we returned, and had a long-awaited lunch(or dinner).
Next, we hit Calangute beach and played in the beach until exhaustion. I had nice wrestling bouts and marathons, trying to evade being dragged into the water by three stout fellows. I stood victorious :P Dinner was in Baga beach and it was a fitting end to the tiring day. Tasty food in candle light, relaxing in the open air, discussing so many things, listening to the karoake in the nearby bar and sometimes strolling over to watch some dance performances or some random guy getting kicked in the ass by the bouncers :P

We even had physical competitions where we fit guys showed off our skills while others indulged themselves in relaxing activities. And it didn't rain at all until long after we finished our dinner. The rain actually caused us to leave and get on to next spot. After dropping off the few who wanted to take rest, around 8 of us came back to Baga and hung around for some hilarious moments until midnight, after which we returned and dropped off a subset of people again. The remaining 4 were the most determined off the lot, wanting to go to Anjuna beach(8kms approx) at 2AM.

And so set off this small gang, after loading up on icecreams from the nearby Amul shop. We soon hit the pitch dark road to the Anjuna and one crazy fellow suggested to continue without headlights and we agreed immediately. And so we continued in that fashion to Anjuna beach, figuring out routes in the dark. As there was nothing much to see, we used our headlights to check what lay ahead on the beach and enjoyed the tranquility for a while and returned by 3, only to stop again at the Baga bridge, take pics and discuss random things until we realized everyone was swimming in sleepiness. Return, hit bunk. Time 4.30AM.


Day 3
Waking up the fellows was difficult and we ended up leaving for Anjuna only by 12.30PM. Rushed through, clicked a lot of photos on bikes and headed out to Vagator. There were no rains and the sun came up by the time reached Vagator. It wasn't much fun as a huge Indian crowd thronged the place and there was no white sand(for which Vagator is famous), everything looked black. We returned somewhat disappointed, and had lunch. After lunch, just as I was returning to my room, I spotted a Nano, and it had the stickers of MTV Nano Drive 2 on it and it said #nanosouth. I thought, oh wow, the same team I support and followed over the last few weeks. The same people I talked to only via twitter and facebook were so close, and I didn't want to miss the chance to follow their exciting journey. I didn't think much. Followed em and after some frantic gestures, they stopped and had a nice chat with Moumita, Divyanshu, Reema and Udit.
Also met the production guy and rolled for a short video and some snaps before going our separate ways. They anyway are entering my domain. But it was a surprise to all that we met so unexpectedly after following and interacting on social media. It is a great jolly gang and I love the concept of the show. It was my lucky day to have been part of it. So for me the trip ended on a higher note than expected. After we packed, three cabs dropped us to Panaji for the return bus, after boarding which the rains smothered the town.

Sitting by the window seat and relaxing the aching muscles and getting to sleep a bit, my mind raced through the events of the last 3 days. We had pain,exhaustion,desperation,excitement,fear,bliss,hunger,fame and surprises, and lots of fun with the gang who hardly new each other 3 days ago.

As the excitement of the trip dies down and the boredom of routine office life starts dragging things, all that remains are good memories, feeling of satisfaction, lots of stories, and lots of new and unexpected friends made over a weekend.. cheers to the spirit of travel.... adios


  1. Cheers ! Well said ! One of the memorable trips !

  2. Very well described. Almost felt like we all took the trip with you.
    Kudos to you, to have gone on an adventure, and wishing you many more.