Tuesday, June 05, 2012

How to beat free time in office :)

What to do when you get some free time in office after quite a long time?

Here is a list I have which might help others too to use the free time effectively.

a) Plan for executing pending things in your personal TO-Do
b) Listen to music - take your time to load playlists if none saved
c) Write a blog, tweet something, or think up or discuss something interesting
d) Read random interesting stuff eg. use Stumbleupon
e) Walk around to other cubicles and taking part in gossip (without giving the impression that you are free)
f) Pick off on pending tasks in office. Don't do them, just imagine you are..
g) Get in sync with latest news, movies, music and things happening with dear and near ones (hopefully you haven't missed too much)
h) Expect and plan long slumbers and lazy days..

more suggestions are welcome.. and I felt I should give credit to Jithin Babu a.k.a JB for inspiring this with his
 #HowtoBeatMondayBlues note in Facebook.

Note:- OK the title is quite cheesy. I agree.. :P

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